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aden ME-RACLE Microblading Brow Tint

aden ME-RACLE Microblading Brow Tint

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Effortlessly and with great ease, you can quickly draw your eyebrows using the Aden Cosmetics ME-RACLE Microblade Brow Pen, with its new comb-like applicator. Thanks to its special design, it fills in your eyebrows, creating a completely natural effect. It is an ideal choice for everyday makeup, recommended for both makeup artists and everyday use.

Top qualities:

  • Lifelike brow hairs in seconds
  • Water and sweat-resistant formula
  • Special thin-tipped and comb-like applicator
  • Extremely long-lasting

How to use:

Sketch and fill your eyebrows into the desired shape with quick and precise strokes. Keep in mind you are making 3 to 4 lines with one stroke! 

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